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In the mood for some food? Do you think you need a drink? Need to rhyme all the time? Good news (except maybe for the rhyming bit); UACS will sell you said items! Not only that, we'll do it at prices that are so crazy, even Steve Ballmer can't believe them!


Awesome Item Insane Price
Canned Sodas $0.75
Red Ra[in|ve] $1.00
Bottled Water $0.50
Bottled Sodas $1.25
Gatorade $1.00
Starbucks Double Shot $2.25
Starbucks Frappucinos $1.75
Arizona $1.00
Milk 2 Go $1.75
Bottled Juice $0.70
Monster Energy Drink $2.00


Awesome Item Insane Price
Frozen Dinners $1.25
Noodle Bowls $0.75
Granola Bars $0.50
Candy Bars $0.75
Chips $0.50
Gum $1.00
Pizza Pops (x2) $1.50
Mini Pizzas (x2) $1.50
Frozen Burritos $0.50
Frozen Waffles (w/ syrup!) $0.50


Awesome Item Insane Price
Beef Jerky $1.25
Mac Toffee $1.00
Cheezies $1.00
CLIF Bars $1.00
Protein Bars $1.00
Pop Tarts $0.75
Corn Nuts $0.75
Chips/Pretzels $0.50
Ice Cream $0.50
All Bran Bars $0.50
Pastries $0.50
Popcorn $0.50
Ritz Sandwiches $0.50
Nutrigrain Bars $0.50

All prices in Canadian dollars. Prices are always subject to change due to market realities or market fictions. All items not available at all stores.

Did you know that we sell ridiculously cheap snacks and drinks? It's true!

During the the Fall and Winter semesters, our VP Social sends out weekly updates to keep you up to date on the latest activities in the department. If you're not in the department and still want to hear about our valiant efforts, send us an email and we'll send you the intel.

UACS has a brand new kettle this year. It doesn't taste like plastic because it's not made of plastic. To find out what it's made of, stop by the office!

We have the sexiest lockers on campus for only $10 per term plus a $5 lock deposit. Come get one while they're hot!