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I Can Has Calendar?

UACS has a Google Calendar (you can even access it using XML (RSS?) or iCal. We don't always update it, so check out the big calendar outside our office and make sure to read the weekly update.


CS students are like other students, but different. So, you should have an orientation like other students, but different. UACS works with the SU each year to provide CS-specific programming as part of Orientation.


CMPUT 469 is a Thursday tradition started by the UACS forefathers. Join us at about 5PM as we head to RATT for reserved tables, UACS-funded appetizers and extra-special-just-for-us prices.

Buck-o-Burger Barbeque

It's a well known fact that UACS cares more about you, our beloved constituents than about our financial security. Join us once or twice a year as we hemorrhage money faster than the Powerplant and serve up the one dollar burgers.

Feeling LANey?

If you're into the games, and we know you are, then come out to the approximately-twice-yearly LAN parties. Labadmin sets up the labs for gaming, and the gaming goes on.


UACS holds a donut and coffee session nearly every month. Interesting topics, donuts, and coffee are provided free of charge.

Did you know that we sell ridiculously cheap snacks and drinks? It's true!

During the the Fall and Winter semesters, our VP Social sends out weekly updates to keep you up to date on the latest activities in the department. If you're not in the department and still want to hear about our valiant efforts, send us an email and we'll send you the intel.

UACS has a brand new kettle this year. It doesn't taste like plastic because it's not made of plastic. To find out what it's made of, stop by the office!

We have the sexiest lockers on campus for only $10 per term plus a $5 lock deposit. Come get one while they're hot!