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All about UACS

We are the Undergraduate Association of Computing Science. Most of the time you can find us wasting valuable time in our office: CSC-140. Our native mode of communication is email:

The Executive for 2016-2017 is:

Lexie Bartlett
Carson Mclean
VP Finance
Thomas Curnow
VP Administration
Preyanshu Kumar
VP External
Amy Mallon
VP Publicity
Soroush Samavat
VP Social
Jordan Vogel
VP Sports
Mandy Meindersma
VP Internal
Dylan Cassidy
Senior Representative
Chris Saunders
Junior Representative


UACS has weekly executive meetings, and publishes the minutes from these meetings, along with other pertinent documents, on the disclosure page.

UACS History

UACS was formed in 1977 as a general interest computing club. It became a society in 1978 as the University of Alberta Computing Society. Today UACS is the official voice of the computing science undergraduate community. Our constitution can be found here.

With all the fun things that go on within UACS, you might be surprised to know that we also fulfil a more serious role. UACS acts as a liaison for both the Department of Computing Science and the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS). Through these relationships, UACS is able to offer a wealth of services that include: Some of the past UACS events have included: For more info checkout the UACS FAQ.

Did you know that we sell ridiculously cheap snacks and drinks? It's true!

During the the Fall and Winter semesters, our VP Social sends out weekly updates to keep you up to date on the latest activities in the department. If you're not in the department and still want to hear about our valiant efforts, send us an email and we'll send you the intel.

UACS has a brand new kettle this year. It doesn't taste like plastic because it's not made of plastic. To find out what it's made of, stop by the office!

We have the sexiest lockers on campus for only $10 per term plus a $5 lock deposit. Come get one while they're hot!