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CMPUT 466/551 Contact Information


Instructor: R Greiner

Office: Ath 359
Phone: 780 492-5461
E-mail: greiner at cs.ualberta.ca

Office Hours: Tu/Th 3:20-3:50 (just after class) or by arrangement

Teaching Assistants


Newsgroup: CMPUT 466 Newsgroup
Mailing List: c466@ugrad.cs.ualberta.ca

Help Sessions

The TAs will be in the scheduled labs only the 1-week immediately before each HW is due. (Eg, imagine HW#1 was due Thurs 5/Oct. Then the TAs would be in the labs on between 28/Sept and 4/Oct.)
Moreover, by default, we guarantee that the TAs will be there only for the first 1hour of that session. (The TA and students can change this to another 1hour slot.) Of course, the TA will remain for up until the total time, if there are students asking questions, etc.

Of course, both instructor and TAs are available for answering questions at any time by email; use the c466 account. Students are also welcome to arrange for other meetings, as need arises.


Students are encourage to contact us using the c466@ugrad.cs.ualberta.ca account. If you msg is basically text, please email it as raw text, and not html and NOT Word or other Microsoft horrors.

For general questions, we will typically respond with a posting on the CMPUT 466 Newsgroup, BCCed to the original sender. (Of course, we will respond directly and privately with personal or student-specific inquiries.)